Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fashion Focus: Cristina Decena

Fashion focus, as our new segment, documents our chosen ones' daily outfits for an entire school week. The always stylish Cristina Decena (AB-ISA- 109) is first to be featured. She starts her week in school on a Tuesday. Coupled with the photos are here quips about what she wore.


"I needed to be in corporate attire because I had my extemporaneous speech for my SPEECOM class that day. I broke the traditional black and white corporate attire as I matched the vibrant orange with pink and blue, following the color blocking trend. Now who says corporate has to be boring?"


"I paired a lazy white polo with black liquid leggings plus beige pumps. To top off the classic look, I added silver accessories."


"I felt like wearing a chill outfit today hence the v-neck shirt and high-waisted shorts. I thought my gray and black wedges went well with my outfit and ta-da! My outfit didn't look so laid-back anymore. (laughs)"


"I felt like wearing ripped jeans today and I wanted it to be the attention-getter of my outfit. Thus, I paired it with a simple white tank top. I tried on my leopard printed cardigan and I discovered that it went perfectly with the whole ensemble."

Watch out for our upcoming "Fashion focus" posts! Ciao!


  1. tina!! everything's awzm! :)

  2. I love her chic-savvy style and her fab blog! :)