Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DLSU's BEST DRESSED: Cristina Decena

Cristina Decena | ID 110 | AB International Studies- Major in American

How do you describe your style?

"I've always had a fancy for dressing up. I make sure to add eccentricity to my outfits, something that would set me apart from the crowd, say a pair of heart shaped sunglasses or eye-catching statement rings. I have no style in particular because fashion fads are ever so changing but something that I can say about my style is that it is whimsical. Today, I can either be Mary Kate or Ashley, donning braids and a maxi. The next day, I can be Lady Gaga, rocking a studded leather jacket and sultry red lips."

What are your staple clothing items for school?

"One of my school must haves are my Ray-Ban sunglasses. We only have one set of peepers so we gotta protect them from the scorching Taft sun. Also, my favorite wedges as they make me voguish without having to sacrifice comfort."

What are your all time favorite trends?

"I am very ecstatic about the color blocking trend hitting the runways once more because I adore playing with colors. This trend along with animal prints, over-sized sunglasses, statement necklaces and sexy tousled hair."

Who are your style icons?

"The ever so stylish people on Lookbook.nu plus local and international fashion blogs I follow serve as my inspiration when dressing up day to day."

Can you give some tips to your fellow Lasallians on how they can dress up for school without compromising both style & comfort?

"It helps to invest on key pieces such as plain tops, well-fitting jeans and dainty ballet flats. Wear breezy fabrics and stay away from sweaters as you will feel like an oven. Embellish dull colors with striking accessories. The goal is to look chic and feel carefree at the same time."

Check out Cristina's blog- http://struttingonsunshine.tumblr.com/

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