Saturday, September 28, 2013


Trina Cuna | ID 112 | AB major in Behavioral Sciences & BS Marketing Management

How do you describe your personal style?

"I don't really stick to one style. I dress up by my mood and by mix and matching pieces together."

How do you normally dress up for school?

"I usually dress up depending on my mood but most of the time you can see me in a muscle tee, black jeans, and black sneakers."

What are your all time favorite fashion pieces?

"High waist pants and skater skirts."
What are your current fashion obsessions?

"Creepers and Platforms"

Who are your style icons? 

"I adore Lua P. from, Ikumi from, and Kiko Mizuhara"

Any tips to your fellow Lasallians on how to dress up for school?

"Get inspiration by reading fashion blogs and magazines. Don't forget to dress comfortably."

Photography by Kyla Olives
Direction by Raymond Angat

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  1. perfect beauty .. simple stylish and oozing with elegance!!!!