Friday, October 14, 2011


Vern Enciso | ID 109 | AB International Studies- Major in European

How do you describe your style?

"I would describe my style as something very classic and girly mixed with trends. I love incorporating trends and mix and match it to make it look classy and girly. I love lace, nudes, heels, nice bags and blush colors. I like looking clean and polished. However, I like colors as well, I love electric blue, deep violet, orange and red."

What are your staple clothing items for school?

"A good pair of jeans, my LV speedy bag, stand out accessories, a good pair of nude and black flats, a black and nude blazer and plain sheer tops and polos." 

Who are your style icons?

"Liz Uy and Whitney Port. I personally think that my style is a mix of both of them. Liz Uy is very structured, trendy and classy which is a big part of how I dress up but Whitney Port's style is my inspiration to make it a bit more of my age. Her girly prints and soft colors makes me look 18 still. haha"  

Can you give some tips to your fellow Lasallians on how they can dress up for school without comprising both style & comfort?

"Invest on good jeans, comfortable flats in different colors, a pair of gold or silver gladiators, plain skirts and plain tops. You can mix and match all of them and just make it more of your personality by pairing it with accessories that you think makes it you. Show your personality through your clothes and be yourself. Dont be pressured by the different people in school, you should always remember to dress for yourself and nobody else. We're in a university wherein diversity is one factor that makes us unique. So just wear what you want, smile and work it." 

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