Monday, October 17, 2011

DLSU's BEST DRESSED: Yuki Tansengco

Yuki Tansengco | ID 109 | BS Marketing Management

How do you describe your style?

"I believe nothing is completely original - they are products of certain "inspirations". With my clothing choices, I look for inspirations in print and online. If I like something, I will use it as my "peg" then tweak it to mirror my taste. I choose comfort over style - ALWAYS."

What are your staple clothing items for school?

"Staple items are very essential so make sure you invest in these pieces. Mine are dark jeans, black flats and a brown leather bag. So when I am pressed for time, I just thrown on the first top I see and wear these items - they always go together."

What are your all time favorite trends?

"I don't really follow trends since they're temporary/seasonal but since fashion always repeats itself, there are some pieces that I would store in my closet and always be game to wear. My favorite trends are the wide-leg pants and pieces with animal prints on them. I am a comfort over style person so I need to wear clothes I can move with. I love leopard and zebra prints but make sure they are worn in moderation or else you'll look like an old lady who has 46 cats."

Who are your style icons?

"For style icons, I like browsing the looks of Karla Deras and Doina Ciobanu. Their outfits range from casual days to dress-up events but their picks are always tasteful." 

Can you give some tips to your fellow Lasallians on how they can dress up for school without comprising both style & comfort?

"I am one of those people who go through at least one day of the week just death staring the closet thinking of what to wear. Even though faced with a packed closet, I deny every piece and somehow convince myself of not having anything to wear. The truth is, fashion is always an option. Whether you're just submitting a paper or staying in school for 6 classes, you have the choice to look good. You don't have to be very stylish but make sure you look presentable and you feel good in what you wear - may it be a simple top and jeans."

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