Wednesday, October 9, 2013


James Jason Martin | BS Marketing Management | ID 110

How do you describe your personal style?

"Preppy? Sporty boho? Young laidback? I’m not really particular about how I categorize my personal style but what I’m sure of is that I always incorporate a piece that is not usually worn by guys into my outfit– something that would make me stand out but still in a fresh manly way."

How do you normally dress up for school?

"I usually base my outfit on the weather. It’s easy for me to adjust to the weather because I live in a condo unit just beside the campus. I always start with basics (i.e. plain shirt, chino shorts), and from there, I work on matching it with a piece that’s busy (printed or texturized). I usually don’t dress lazy, but when I do, it’s because I’m running late for class or I just don’t have enough clothes anymore (troubles of a condo guy on weekdays)."

What are your all time favorite fashion pieces?

"Short sleeve button-downs, cardigans, fitted pants, tank tops, chino shorts, and printed socks"

What are your current fashion obsessions?

"Suede shoes, sweaters/pullovers, parka & bomber jackets, snapbacks, and jersey tops"

Who are your style icons?

"James Dean, Justin Livingston, & Peter Adrian"

Any tips to your fellow Lasallians on how to dress up for school?

"COMFORT OVER STYLE. Sometimes, I feel like I need to dress up well because I feel good whenever I receive compliments. Truth be told though, sometimes I don’t really feel comfortable with my best looking outfit. Whatever it is that you are wearing, you must see to it that you are comfortable and confident about it first."

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Photography by Kyla Olives
Direction by Raymond Angat

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